BIOS-SCOPE is a five-year multi-institutional research program for the study of microbial oceanography in the North Atlantic Ocean. Established in 2015, BIOS-SCOPE leverages ocean measurements and ongoing research at the Bermuda Atlantic Time-series Study (BATS) site, bringing new collaborations and technologies to study the ocean’s smallest life forms.
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Meet the Microbes

What exactly are marine microbes and what is their role in the global ocean ecosystem? Our “Meet the Microbes” blog will be updated regularly to feature specific microbes and discuss their relative significance to marine systems. Check back often…you never know who you’ll meet!
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Scientists work in the lab aboard the Atlantic Explorer

In the Laboratory

Read about BIOS-SCOPE’s research in marine viruses and bacteria

BIOS-SCOPE in the field

In the Field

Learn more about the samples that BIOS-SCOPE researchers are collecting in the field

Plankton Profiles

Learn more about the oldest life forms on Earth that live within us and all around us.

About the program

BIOS-SCOPE was established in 2015 with the generous support of the Simons Foundation International.

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